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Cackadoodle Creations

Imperfect Bow Tie - DISCOUNTED

Imperfect Bow Tie - DISCOUNTED

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This Bow Tie is slightly imperfect which means that it comes at a 25% discount to you.  Imperfect items may be inverted,  have uneven seams, and misplaced elastics. 

All of these items will wear the same and your pet will never know a difference. 

All imperfect items are purchased as-is and not returnable. 

Handmade bow tie with durable elastic loops to keep it in place. Our bow ties slide onto any removable collar (up to one inch wide) to help keep your pet looking posh! 

Size recommendations are based on previous customers' sizes.  The measurements for each size are outlined in the Size Chart included in the photos. Our recommendation in choosing the correct size is to measure your pet and take into account how noticeable you want the bow tie to be on your pet. If your pet has a longer and/or thicker coat, we recommend sizing up.

100% Cotton

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