About Us

Cackadoodle Creations was inspired by our rescue sheepadoodle pup, Huckleberry (or Huck for short).  We started fostering Huck and his brother Harrison (or Harry for short) for IDOG Rescue in May of 2022.  We weren't in a place to add another pup to our pack, but we wanted to help the rescue that brought us our giant labradoodle, Hobbes.  We didn't know when we signed on that Huck would steal our hearts. 

Here's how we got here....

We already had three dogs: 

  • Remington (Reme) was our 14 year old goldendoodle. He was the "OG" doodle and a doodle before doodles were cool!  He survived cancer, an overdose, two luxating patella surgeries and loved puppies. 
  • River is our 5 year old rhodesian ridgeback/border collie mix that we rescued from a litter of puppies dumped at our farm.  She is queen bee and keeps our pack in line.  
  • Hobbes is our 3 year old labradoodle.  We rescued him in December of 2020. He is much more labrador then poodle, because he LOVES food and fetch.  He is the brains of the pack and has over 15 tricks. 

Huck was officially adopted in June of 2022 at 16 weeks old. Huck is a people's dog and not dog's dog. The first thing that I bought Huck after his collar was a small blue bowtie.  He is blackish grey and white so he always looks semi-formal.   As Huck grew, the bow tie became too small. 

I bought a few bow ties but they were never sturdy enough to last more than a week or two.  My husband challenged me to make something that could hold up to play time.  A few iterations later, Cackadoodle Creations was born.  

Want to know how we got our name? 

We're the Cackler's.  Jess manages the creative side and Michael manages the business side.  This makes up the "Cack" 

We lost our old man, Reme, in August of 2022, his nickname was "Doodle" or "Dood".  

And...our products are hand made creations.